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Classique Plywood

Classique Birch-Pre

Classique Birch Pre is pre-finished so there’s no need to jib-stop or paint. That’s it. Job done.

This is a Birch Veneer on a poplar plywood with a UV lacquer coating pre applied in the factory.

It saves time and costs without compromising the finish. The light-weight panels have a poplar core for stability, with an elegant birch face which gives them a subtle, warm tone that creates welcoming interiors and stunningly beautiful walls and ceilings.


  • ceilings 
  • wall linings 
  • Feature walls 
  • Feature ceilings 
  • Lightweight cabinetry 


Panel Products

Info SKU Dimensions Weight Grade Pack Size Sheet Price range Qty Total
Euro Birch- PRE V2112-PRE-B 2440 x 1220 x 12mm 23.6 Kg B/BB 45
1-8: $209.31
9-pack: $190.28
Pack: $172.98
Euro Birch- PRE V2118-PRE-B 2440 x 1220 x 18mm 35.5 Kg B/BB 20
1-8: $261.16
9-pack: $237.42
Pack: $220.77
Euro Birch- PRE-finished V2125-PRE-B None x 25mm 35.0 Kg B/BB 25
1-8: $320.69
9-pack: $291.53
Pack: $265.03

Prices are exclusive of GST. Pricing shown as per each costs.